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Construction of a unified management system

On January 15, 2016, the President of the Russian Federation signed a Decree on the transfer of the FCS of Russia to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance. State Secretary – Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Valerievich Sazanov tells about the changes that have occurred since the Decree came into force, how it affected the activities of the customs authorities and their interaction with foreign economic activity participants.


EEU standardization: unification for the sake of smoothing out the difference in the clearance of the import of goods

The EEU countries agreed to include in the draft strategic directions for the development of the union until 2025 the proposal of the Russian side on the introduction of a single standard for customs operations and customs control. The FCS hopes that this will make it possible to level the differences in the approaches of the customs officials of the five countries to the assessment of customs value and to the rigidity of control. Experts note that the actual unification will depend primarily on the technical equipment of the inspectors and on the risk profiles common for the countries, while the human factor often becomes an important factor in choosing the place of “customs clearance”.


Photoreport from the opening of the first public reception of the Public Council at the FCS of Russia (IIAC FE)

July 2, in Vladivostok, on the basis of a subsidiary of the Interregional Information and Analytical Center for the Purpose and Supply Security in the Far Eastern Federal District (IIAC FE), the country’s first Public Admission Office of the Public Council under the FCS of Russia has opened.

The full text version is here.

Meeting of representatives of the Public Council at the FCS of the Russian Federation and the IIAC with representatives of the Far Eastern Customs Administration and local business

Ruslan Davydov: “We are on the path of maximum automation of customs control”

On April 11, 2019, the First Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia Ruslan Davydov took part in a meeting of the FEA club of the Vedomosti newspaper. During the session, participants discussed current issues of state regulation and state support of foreign economic activity.


Vladimir Bulavin’s report at the International Customs Forum 2018: “Today we are shaping the outline of the Russian customs of the future”

The head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, Vladimir Bulavin, made a report at the International Customs Forum – 2018, which was held October 24-25 in Moscow. During the plenary session “Customs of the Future Is Created Today,” the head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia identified four blocks that will form the basis for the future strategy of customs service development (“Strategies – 2030”): information interaction with foreign partners during the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the EEU border to control the movement of goods from the border to the consumer, the development of the infrastructure of the customs authorities, the establishment of communication between the declarants and the electronic declaration centers.


Speech by V.I. Bulavin at the conference “Customs Legislation 2018”

Transcript of Vladimir Bulavin’s speech at the conference “Customs Legislation 2018: First Results of Practical Application“, organized by the Public Council under the FCS of Russia.

Since January 1, 2018, a new Customs Code has been in force throughout the whole territory of the EEC, and the operational headquarters set up by the FCS of Russia is operating just the same, given that, unfortunately, the law on customs regulation has not yet been adopted. It should be noted that there are not many jobs at this headquarters, since all the main novels of the new Customs Code were reflected in the Comprehensive Program for the Development of the FCS of Russia until 2020, which we developed jointly with the business, with the participation of the Public Council and the Expert Advisory Council and adopted in 2017.


Conference “Customs Legislation 2018: First Results of Practical Application”

On April 16, 2018, the conference “Customs legislation 2018: the first results of practical application” was held, the results of which are summarized in a separate material. Here you can find a detailed photo report from the event:

About the new format of interaction between business and customs

Transcript of the speech of TI Maksimov at the XIV Annual Conference of AEB “Customs and Business – 10 steps towards”.

Vladimir Ivanovich has already told about those fundamental changes that we have to go through. These are very ambitious plans, and we have formulated and put ourselves for ourselves. We received political support, but the most difficult part of reform is ahead – this is implementation, that is, the transition to actual actions. In this regard, we will be equally important support from the business community, since we believe that the proposed changes meet the interests of the state and the interests of honest business.


Conference “Customs Legislation 2018: First Results of Practical Application”



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On April 16, 2018, the Public Council under the FCS of Russia, with the support of the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Federal Customs Service, is holding a conference “Customs Legislation 2018: First Results of Practical Application”.


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