You are most welcome!

Dear Russian and foreign partners,

I am glad to welcome you to the website of the IIAC, a unique structure for Russia, that provides support in the timely and safe delivery of import and export goods and services.

Modern international trade places high demands on reliability and safety standards, since they are the foundation on which the work of all processes in the supply chain is built. That is why these indicators must be constantly monitored and analyzed regularly.

Given the comprehensive coverage of the world economy, as well as the multichannel movement of commodity, financial and information flows, up to the intercontinental level, the prerequisites for the formation of supply chains on a global scale have emerged.

Their key feature is the location and functioning of organizations that create value in the form of goods or services for consumers in global customs zones, and not just in different countries. Thus, the borders of neighboring and transit states secretly receive a new status and, accordingly, require a more detailed approach to establishing uninterrupted logistics processes.

The goal of our center is to solve complex analytical tasks to ensure the security of supply chains in the context of the global international economy. We will be glad to cooperate with all commercial and government agencies.

Director: Pavel I. Pavlov