IIAC, in cooperation with our partners, developed the project “Charter of Bona Fide Foreign Trade Operators” for the Public Council under the FCS of Russia, implemented it and supports users.

The launch of the Internet resource www.dobro-ved.ru was launched on December 25, 2017.

The portal provides an opportunity for participants in foreign economic activity to remotely sign the Charter of conscientious participants in foreign economic activity (Charter), and associations, associations, public and other organizations to join the Declaration on the approval and support of the Charter.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, who at the time of signing the Charter are contract holders in the field of foreign economic activity, are considered participants in foreign economic activity.

All other participants of the FEA chain who do not have foreign trade contracts, as well as non-profit, public organizations, customs representatives, TSW, carriers and other companies engaged in the near-customs sphere, sign the Declaration.

On the Information Materials page, participants are available official images for posting on their website.

More details:

Text of the Charter of Good-faith FEA Participants

The text of the Declaration on the endorsement and support of the Charter of Good-faith FEA Participants