At a meeting of the working group on improving customs regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union, it was decided by February 20 to update the list of priority issues that will be included in the first package of amendments to the Customs Code of the EAEU. The meeting was held on February 9 at the headquarters of the Eurasian Economic Commission with the participation of representatives of the Union countries.

Systematic work to improve customs regulation is provided for by the 2025 Strategy and should be completed by 2024.

As Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the EEC Board, emphasized, for operational work it is necessary to focus on those issues that are of priority importance for countries.

“By February 20, I ask the authorized bodies of the parties to update the list so that the Commission reports on the agreed approaches, deadlines and stages of work at the Intergovernmental Council,” Mikhail Myasnikovich said.

In general, the parties proposed more than 300 amendments. According to EEC Minister for Customs Cooperation Maksat Mamytkanov, about 110 amendments have been agreed to date, and about 60 more are in a high degree of readiness.

The stage-by-stage formation of complex draft protocols will speed up work on improving customs regulation. In addition, the working group considered the results of the domestic approval of amendments to the Customs Code of the EAEU in terms of regulating foreign electronic commerce.

The changes are aimed at separating goods purchased within the framework of foreign electronic commerce into a separate category with the definition of the features of its regulation, introducing the institution of an electronic commerce operator, e-commerce declarations, as well as ensuring the possibility of selling foreign electronic commerce goods to individuals using customs (“bonded” ) warehouses.

After completion, the document will be sent for consideration by the parties.

Source: tks