On December 18, 2017, a joint meeting of the Public Council under the FCS of Russia and the Expert Advisory Council for the Implementation of the Customs Policy under the FCS of Russia will take place, at which the site of the Charter of Conscientious Participants in Foreign Economic Activity will be presented (hereinafter – the Charter). This resource was developed by the IIAC in cooperation with Alta-Soft, and is intended primarily for online signing of the Charter itself, as well as the Declaration on the approval and support of the Charter (hereinafter – the Memorandum). In addition, the site is expected to host a register of signatories and information materials related to the Charter.

On the main page of the portal you will be able to read the texts of the above-mentioned documents, brief information about them and a list of affiliated companies.

Signing of documents (accession to the Charter or Memorandum) is expected to be implemented directly on the website using the mechanism of qualified electronic signature (EP). With the help of the software “CryptoPro EDS Browser plug-in”, the proof of the moment of document signing and the validity of the EP key certificate at the time of signing will be realized. Basic data and the details of the signer will be automatically downloaded from the certificate of the EP key. This excludes both manual data entry and the need for their further verification, since their reliability is guaranteed by the issuing EP of an accredited certification authority in accordance with Federal Law No. 63-FZ of April 6, 2011 “On Electronic Signatures”. The storage of information in the database will allow access to information about the signer, as well as about the signature itself.

For internal needs, an administrative interface will be implemented that allows, if necessary, changes to the list of participants: add an organization that signed the Charter or Memorandum in paper form and exclude the organization from the register of signatories. It is possible to configure automatic sending to the administrator of notifications about key events: the signing of the document by a new participant, changing the details of the signer.

The site will work on cryptographically protected Internet protocol.