Vladimir Putin signed a law on the introduction of a tax-free system in Russia. The document was published on November 27 on the official portal of legal information. It is a question of compensation of the value-added tax for foreign citizens when exporting goods purchased in Russia.

Now foreigners will be able to ask for a tax free check when they buy at least 10,000 rubles. On the territory of special checkpoints (they still have to be determined by the government), customs officers will put a mark on the export of these goods. And to get a refund of VAT, you will need to submit checks to the tax authority. However, it is not every store that can provide such checks – for this the retail trade organization should be included in a special list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Part of the norms of the law will come into force on January 1, 2018, the part – only from October 1 next year. Until that time, a temporary order of tax-free registration will apply. Then an automated system of information exchange in this sphere should be developed. At the same time, tax free will not apply to excisable goods (for example, alcohol and cigarettes). Recall that the law was approved by the State Duma on November 16 in three readings.

Source: tks