Russia, as the only one of the EEU countries that has a sectional regime, must protect its domestic market from re-export through the introduction of unified rules of customs control at the border of the member countries of the Union. This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science Gennady Onishchenko.

He noted that, unlike the other countries participating in the EEU, Russia is in the sectional mode. This determines the difference in the level of customs control. “All EAS countries are interested primarily in the Russian market today – it is the most vulnerable. It’s no secret that today through Belarus there is a re-export of European sectional dairy products to our country, although we ask the Belarusian colleagues, “the deputy said.

Gennady Onishchenko said – today, when it is necessary to solve the problem of Russia’s food independence, the lack of proper customs control “does not allow our industries that provide food for our population to develop.”

“Having the unified Customs Code of the EEU, we do not have a single customs control at the borders. If our customs bodies have a good infrastructure, the countries recently recruited in the EEU, sometimes have a purely symbolic control – realizing that this does not directly affect the population of their countries. On the other hand, these countries do not allow us to exercise such control at our borders, “the parliamentarian said.

Source: vch.ru