Privolzhskaya electronic customs will start operating in October. This January 25, at a meeting of the board of the Volga region, said Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service Tatiana Golendeeva. This is a new stage in the history of customs bodies, which is implemented in accordance with a comprehensive development plan for the customs bodies of the Russian Federation. Electronic customs in 2018 will also be created in the Urals and the North Caucasus.

In accordance with the customs code of the Eurasian Economic Union, all communication between customs authorities and participants in foreign economic activities should be transferred to the electronic format. So, at the moment, the declaration of goods in 100% volume goes in electronic form. Now all the workflow and other types of interaction will be transferred to the electronic form.

– Privolzhye has long been a pilot in the development of new technological processes associated with customs. During 2018, the Volga region should roll out a new technology. In general, all customs authorities should switch to this mode of operation until 2020, “says Tatyana Golendeeva.

Source: Приволжское таможенное управление