The first bonded warehouse may appear in Tatarstan, where imported goods can be stored without levying customs duties and taxes. The regional leadership received an offer from a potential investor.

At the meeting with reporters on June 29, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights Farid Abdulganiev announced the plans to create a bonded warehouse in Tatarstan.

The next step

“We have a large project that needs to be implemented in the next stage, after several more trade operators enter the Tatarstan market. We will face the need to create bonded warehouses. The republic already has similar experience – this is the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, where the customs post operates. And the worse Kazan, where logistics is even better developed? Yes, Tatarstan is not located on the border of Russia and is not an entrance gate. But there is room to develop cargo, rail transportation, and the Europe-China corridor will also pass through us, as the Silk or Great Volga Route used to be. Therefore, I believe that the creation of bonded warehouses will be our next step. One of the companies has already submitted such a proposal to the leadership of the republic, ”said Abdulganiev.

He did not announce the name of the company. It is premature to speak about any results of work in this direction, according to the presidential aide. However, the project is interesting for the republic, said Abdulganiev.

“The mechanism is very simple – the goods that arrive at the warehouse do not need to be cleared, if it goes on, it will only be necessary if it is sold in Russia, in Tatarstan. Thus, excessive taxation and a number of other issues can be avoided, ”Abdulganiev said.

The presidential aide, the business ombudsman, also said that a store-warehouse of a network for the sale of power tools and a warehouse complex for a retailer for building materials may appear in the region. According to him, one of the projects can be implemented this year. For example, a meeting with representatives of a retailer selling power tools will take place in the near future.

Like in Europe and … China

“Tatarstan has experience of effective work with preferential platforms – UEA “ Alabuga ”,“ Innopolis ”and others. The more organizations come to us, the faster we will form a supply and demand curve, and our conditions will not differ from Moscow, and if a bonded warehouse appears, then from Europe. After all, there is still such a thing that people buy something in Europe, in a roundabout way, because it is so cheaper. This should not be, ”said Abdulganiev.

Since 2019, in the Zelenodolsky district of Tatarstan, a Wildberries distribution center with an area of 100 thousand square meters and a logistics complex of Ozon have been built. Investments in projects are declared at 5.5 billion and 4 billion rubles. respectively. In 2020, Wildberries announced that it was planned to build an industrial park in the region.

At the end of 2019, plans for the construction of the hub were announced by Yandex.Market. However, the site for this facility has not been selected. There is no information on the parameters of the complex and investments.

On May 22, 2020, it became known that the warehouse complex intends to build in St. Petersburg. The area of the warehouse will be 5 thousand square meters. Investments in the project will amount to over 200 million rubles.

The chief analyst of Alor Group, Alexei Antonov, told RBC Tatarstan that in bonded warehouses there are imported goods that are subject to import duties only if they have arrived in the country of destination, and in general, customs regulation on them is as easy as possible. Bonded warehouses in world practice, especially in China, are built in the so-called bonded zones – in areas where a special customs regime is established by law. Particularly actively, they began to develop with the growth of online retail sales.

“As far as I know, until recently, we had only one pilot bond zone, just for trade with China in the South Urals,” Antonov said.

Status under the law

Another thing is the customs warehouses where the following goods are stored in transit, not intended for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation. There are many such facilities in the country, the analyst noted. Moreover, the expert noted that if a bonded warehouse rather than a bonded warehouse is created in Tatarstan, this will also be a positive event, as the project will provide new jobs and additional revenues to the regional budget.

The expert emphasized that the special customs status for the organization of the bonded warehouse is established at the legislative level. “If we are talking about creating a bonded zone on the territory of Tatarstan, this can be a very interesting story, because, for example, in the same Khabarovsk Territory the creation of such a zone is still in question. This creates the preconditions for the development of the regional economy: sellers (relatively speaking, Chinese, and most likely it will be them) can send their goods to such a warehouse without paying a fee. They will be stored on it until they are sold and sent to the buyer, for example, in Europe or the CIS. And since bonded warehouses are a rare phenomenon, the demand for them is very high, as well as the potential for the development of an entire industry in the economy of the republic, ”Antonov said.

Source: RBC