On March 21, 2019, the long-awaited update appeared in the “Personal Account of a FEA participant” – informing companies about the risk level category, providing visualization of the current risk category of the organization, as well as the results of checking its activities on the main “blocking” criteria. In addition, the service implements a warning function on a possible increase in the level of risk – if the final value of the assessment of the activity of the participant in foreign economic activity differs by less than 10% from the threshold value, which provides for a transition to a higher risk category. The implementation of this functionality allows to increase the level of transparency and predictability when performing customs operations.

The service of informing companies about the risk level category is closely related to the Charter of bona fide traders, which implies that the affiliated companies openly declare their desire to work in the foreign economic activity market in good faith, strive to maximize the accuracy of the declaration, promote effective customs control, resist corruption, and reduce to a minimum of violation of customs regulations.