Ruslan Davydov, First Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia, took part in the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Topical Issues of Interaction of Customs Authorities in Modern Conditions”. The event took place on June 3 at the site of the Russian Customs Academy.

Ruslan Davydov in his speech emphasized the importance of interaction between the FCS of Russia and the Russian Customs Academy for the organic development of the entire system of customs authorities, and also spoke about the results achieved by the customs authorities in recent years and announced the upcoming tasks.

He noted that the Comprehensive Program for the Development of the FCS of Russia until 2020 was completed on time and at a high level, and the newly formed structure of the customs authorities will determine the appearance of the customs service for years to come. One of the main achievements of the customs service was the creation of electronic customs and electronic declaration centers, which made it possible to unify approaches to customs clearance, improve the working conditions of customs inspectors, and minimize corruption risks.

Improving customs administration remains the main task of the Russian FCS for 2021-2022. “The customs authorities are among the Russian departments leading in the speed of digitalization of all processes. In this vein, the Federal Customs Service of Russia, together with the Russian Customs Academy, must solve the problems of equipping electronic customs and electronic declaration centers with qualified personnel who can quickly adapt to work in the era of customs reforms. bodies and digitalization of the Russian economy “, – said the first deputy head of the FCS of Russia.

Also, the FCS of Russia singles out as a target the increase in labor productivity, as well as the legality and legality of decisions. “We strive to ensure that in 2021 at least 20% of declarations for the import of goods are issued automatically and 50% for export, that is, every second declaration. This is a tremendous savings in funds and human resources that can be used in the areas of actual control, at the stages of control after the release of goods, and in analytical activities, “Ruslan Davydov emphasized.

Source: FCS