On February 21, 2018 the XIV Annual Customs Conference of the Association of European Business took place. The theme of the conference is “CUSTOMS AND BUSINESS: TEN STEPS TO SOMETHING FRIEND TO A FRIEND”. In the plenary session L.A. Lozbenko, Chairman of the Public Council under the FCS of Russia, V.I. Bulavin, Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia and T.I. Maksimov, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia.

L.A. Lozbenko noted the importance of counter steps of customs and business: “The Charter of Conscientious Participants in Foreign Economic Activity plays a special role in the implementation of joint efforts to create comfortable and comfortable business conditions and ensure the safety of public interests.”

At the end of the session, the signing of the Declaration on the Support of the Charter of Conscientious Participants in Foreign Economic Affairs by the Director General of the AEB, Frank Schauff, was held. The association became the sixth large business association that supported the Charter.

The heads of the FCS of Russia and the AEB agreed that the signing of the Charter by AEB member companies is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their support for the efforts of the Russian customs and foreign trade participants aimed at creating favorable conditions for foreign trade and its sustainable development.