Russia and Belarus agreed on “roadmaps” for electric power and customs cooperation. This was announced on December 8 by the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko.

Commenting on the results of the meeting of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko on December 7 in Sochi, Semashko noted that the heads of state were looking for an absolute solution to the remaining “road maps”. On the eve of the meeting of Prime Ministers Dmitry Medvedev and Sergei Rumas, an audit of what has already been done was carried out. Also at this meeting, after reports by energy ministers, they stated that they had found a solution on the road map for electricity.

As for the cooperation of customs services, the approval of the “road map” occurred during the negotiations of the presidents. Thus, eight of the 31 roadmaps remained uncoordinated. Semashko emphasized that this was a “difficult question”.

“The task is to work out the entire regulatory framework, both Belarusian and Russian, by June 1, 2020: there are hundreds of legislative acts, dozens of intergovernmental agreements,” BelTA reports.

Semashko also added that Minsk is counting on compensation for the incident with “dirty oil” in the amount of $ 70 million. According to the ambassador, this issue was discussed both at the meeting of prime ministers and at the meeting of presidents. Semashko expressed confidence that this issue is resolvable.

“It is necessary to officially expose, as it should be according to the law, as required by jurisprudence – to state your claims clearly and clearly. The approaches may be different, but if they also did in Hungary or Poland and Germany, then this should also be done here. They are talking about a considerable amount – about $ 70 million should be compensation, ”BelTA reports.

On December 7, the presidents of Russia and Belarus held talks in Sochi. Putin noted the importance of this meeting on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty on the creation of the Union State and the opportunity to talk about the prospects for further cooperation between Moscow and Minsk.

Lukashenko said, in particular, that for further integration it is necessary to introduce equal oil and gas prices for enterprises of the two countries.

Following the talks, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin announced a serious rapprochement of the positions of Russia and Belarus in oil and gas.

On the same day, it became known that the next meeting between Putin and Lukashenko will be held on December 20.

Source: tks