On October 15, 2021, a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation was held. Due to the continuing restrictions, it was held in a remote format using telecommunications.

Members of the Public Council got acquainted with the practice of applying federal laws “On Amendments to Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation” and “On Amendments to Article 20.23 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation” information ”for the purposes of both criminal and administrative proceedings.

Noting a significant decrease in the number of cases considered by the courts under these articles, the Council notes that the amendments made to the legislation not only ensured the accuracy, unambiguity and clarity of the content of the relevant norms, which guaranteed the inadmissibility of their insufficiently substantiated application, but also had a proper preventive effect on potential violators. Thus, the goal of these legislative initiatives, previously supported by the Council, has been achieved.

“Even at the stage of public examination of these bills, the Council insisted on the most accurate definition of the legal term” special technical means intended for secretly obtaining information “, because it is not at all technical in nature: the fate of real people can be behind it, – stressed the Chairman of the Public Council under FSS of Russia V.N. Titov. – After analyzing the law enforcement practice, we were convinced that the FSS of Russia taking into account our proposals when finalizing the draft laws, first of all, helped to avoid unjustified punishment of those who, within the framework of their constitutional right to freely seek and receive information in any legal way, used equipment for purely domestic purposes.

At the same time, the unambiguous and clear definition of “special means” has strengthened the ability to prosecute those who like to pry into the private life of Russians, the inviolability of which is enshrined in the Constitution, and who use various “spy tricks”.

Also at the meeting, a number of organizational issues were considered, including in connection with preparations for the 15th anniversary of the Public Council (May 12, 2022).

Source: fsb.ru