The initiative is related to the identification of regular attempts to smuggle in sanctions products using “cover goods”. The Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia explained the reason for its proposal to expand the list of products prohibited for import into Russia. A spokesman for the department told journalists on Saturday that the Federal Customs Service reveals attempts to smuggle in sanctions products using “cover goods” under the guise of products from authorized countries, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the representative of the FCS, such attempts are detected regularly. He clarified that the sanctions goods are imported “by removing the accompanying documents indicating the real country of origin, by remarking the goods.” The most typical example, he said, is hauling hams from the EU under the guise of meat products from allowed countries, indicating an obviously wrong code.

On the proposal of the FCS to expand the food embargo on the eve told RBC with reference to the relevant letter of the Ministry of Agriculture. The ministry confirmed that they had received the proposal of the FCS and assured that it was under consideration.

It appeared from the letter that the ban could include the importation of all ready-made and canned meat and fish products, sturgeon caviar, canned vegetables, fruits, as well as jams and fruit juices. In addition, the ban is proposed to extend to the import of fresh and chilled lamb and goat meat, some by-products and a number of other goods. For the first time, the FCS proposes to establish a ban not on certain goods, but on whole categories of goods.