The Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia on Tuesday will begin a three-day exercise at several guarded facilities.

“During the period from November 9 to 11, 2021, special tactical exercises will be held at certain protected facilities of the FSS of Russia – the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Government House, on the territory of the complex of buildings of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and at a number of facilities of the FSS of Russia,” in the press and public relations department of the FSS.

At the same time, the FSS stressed that “restrictions on the movement of citizens and the passage of vehicles within the framework of the event are not planned.”

The FSS is responsible for ensuring the security of the country’s leadership. The tasks of the service, as noted on its website, also include “prevention, detection and suppression of unlawful encroachments on objects of state protection and protected objects – buildings, structures and structures in which federal government bodies are located adjacent to these buildings, structures and structures territories and water areas subject to protection in order to ensure the safety of objects of state protection, as well as buildings, structures and structures, adjacent territories and water areas, which are under the operational management of federal state protection bodies ”.

Source: TASS